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Solar energy

  • Solar Modules Supply
    Voltech Solar offers a variety of products needed to develop your solar projects.
    We are dedicated to solar module manufacturing and supply of both types; mono and polycristalline. [More]

  • Solar Power Grid connected
    The function of a photovoltaic installation with network connection is to collect the electricity produced from the photovoltaic modules, due to solar radiation.
    This energy produced is then sold to the electricity company, from which the owner receives a return. [More]

  • Isolated Solar Energy Network
    The Electricity produced is stored in batteries through a charge regulator for later consumption in rural homes and farms where access to energy conventional network is difficult, unavailable or economically infeasible. [More]

  • Water pumping using solar generation
    Used for harnessing solar radiation for crop irrigation, water extraction, measurement systems, and so on. [More]
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